Lego At The Zoo

Having spent countless hours with the grandchildren, over the years, trying to make anything remotely recognizable out of Lego, I can appreciate how much work went into creating the more than 40 life-size creatures that featured in Brookfield Zoo’s Brick Safari this summer.

Do these creations qualify as sculptures? I’m not sure, but they are certainly works of art.

The resulting photos have the rather weird effect of looking over-pixelated ( if that’s the correct term.)

One of my favorites was Lance the Leopard who required 42,500 bricks and 340 hours to complete.

It took 375 hours and 110,000 bricks to make Grace the Giraffe who weighs in at 1,652 pounds.Β  That’s a lot of Lego!

The rhinoceros took 155,000 bricks and 403 hours to complete, while Eli the Elk took a mere 87,464 bricks.Β 

The grizzly bears were quite impressive, taking 136,569 bricks and 382 hours to build.Β  They looked quite at home in this woodland setting.

I’m not sure who worked on these amazing pieces but all I can say is, “Well done!”


32 thoughts on “Lego At The Zoo

  1. Sue, these are amazing. I am astonished by the effort put into this art. Thank you for sharing this. As for me, I struggled to make anything out of Lego’s. I would have no clue how to even begin a project like this!

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    • I looked into taking my granddaughter to the one near us this summer but after considering the cost and the fact that she is no longer a small child, I figured it just wasn’t worth the expense. Even she agreed with me which made me think I’d made the right decision. It also made the exhibition at the zoo that much more enticing as the admission price was a mere $1.50

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