Winding Down

Things are winding down now in our garden and this is when most of the hard work begins. There are still a few flowers about, although most of the plants and shrubs have been trimmed, thinned or eliminated altogether depending on how well they’ve done this year.

The rabbits have stuffed themselves to bursting point on whatever they could get hold of, including the bird seed and my best lilies.

The birds are on the move and making their way south so we are seeing some different species from the usual sparrows.  This one showed up last week. It was fairly small with a distinctive yellow rump. Not sure what it is so if anyone has any ideas I’d be happy to hear from you.

The cosmos and marigold flowers are particularly colorful right now and are attracting the last few butterflies. There are still a lot of bees buzzing about too, which leads me to an ideal opportunity to give my grandson’s podcast God of Honeybees a plug. The latest episode is about the study of consciousness. Interesting stuff so I hope you’ll give it a listen.

25 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. First mild frost here this morning. Our temps have been so low and it’s so clear that all of the heat from the day time sun just disappears as soon as it gets dark. Our wildlife is working extra hard to prepare as well!

  2. You have lovely flowers and birds and butterflies and bees and rabbits in your garden, Sue! I have some of those flowers in my garden. The snapdragons were gone early in the summer. The Monarch butterflies are only passing by. I’m growing more flowers that attract them. You caught big bumble bees, nice job!
    I still have doves, house finches, and sparrows around. They’ll be gone soon.

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