Autumn Curtailed

Owing to a painful case of shin splints (or possible stress fracture) which has seriously curtailed my walking activities for the past few weeks, I have not been able to get out and about to enjoy the Autumn season as much as I would have liked. However, the weather in October was really not that great and looking back at the last trip I made to the Chicago Botanic Garden, it was probably one of the few really nice days that we have had recently so I’m glad I was able to at least capture some of the Fall colors before I was reduced to hobbling around on crutches.

I was able to get a good view of what looked like a young heron (his feathers still seem rather downy) from the bridge. I hope he hasn’t left it too late to start heading south for the winter.

This was the scene outside our back door recently so I think we’ve seen the last of the warm, sunny days of autumn in the garden.

24 thoughts on “Autumn Curtailed

  1. Really sorry to read about your shin splints…sounds very painful indeed and I hope they improve very soon. Love all the photos especially the hydrangea and butterfly….not so keen on seeing that snow so early…pretty but chilly!

  2. Colors are fab! Not so fond of snow though! I had shin splints last year-a serious bummer. Doctor’s advice was take smaller steps, run/walk on soft surfaces whenever possible. Both suggestions helped and I’m back to walking and running again. Good luck!

  3. That last picture was nearly as much of a shock as reading the news about your leg. I hope that you get the right advice and treatment to get you going at full steam again. It is very frustrating being limited in movement.

    • Thanks, Tom. Three days on crutches and I’ve already done myself more damage than I started with. Hopefully, with a few minor adjustments, I’ll be able to survive the next couple of weeks before I see the doc again.

  4. Sorry to hear about the crutches! I’m sure you’ll soon be out and about, albeit in the snow.
    Loved the pictures though. Great colours and lovely memories to look back on. Take care and heal quickly. X

  5. The macro of the butterfly is wonderful. I really empathize with your mobility injury, Sue. I pulled my groin muscle, including a shin splint, two years ago while on a photographic adventure. Really not a fun time in my life. Hope you are blessed with healing.

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