Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Future

What does she, the darling descendant of a fortune-telling traveler, see in her future? It is certainly less bleak than that of my great-grandmother and her 11 siblings who were brought up in the poorhouses of London, but is it secure?  If the children are our future, then hopefully it will not be too late for her generation to put right the wrongs that have been done in the name of power, profit and political gain, especially over the past few years.

This is my response to Ann-Christine’s request for us to look to the Future for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.


17 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Future

  1. Maybe they have a future with other hardships than in our great grand-parents’ time. The young today have a stronger voice – we should all back them up in their efforts for a brighter future. A lovely shot of a strong young citizen of the world.

    • Thank you, Ann-Christine! I think it’s true that the young have a clearer vision of the future. Unfortunately, as they grow older, their view of things very often becomes clouded by the influence of political posturing and personal gain. We can only hope that enough of them will remain strong and true to their beliefs.

      • Yes – agree with everything you say. I know myself too…I was tougher as a young girl than later when family came along. But now, as an older woman – that toughness is back again.

  2. Love how you capture the moment. Love how you capture the little girl touches the nature and water reflections. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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