Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – The Long and Winding Road.

This week, Tina is taking us down the Long and Winding Road for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. We’ve traveled down quite a few of those, over the years. The first shot was taken in Wyoming when we stopped at a rest area on our way to Utah.

Once we got to Utah, there were plenty of winding roads that were so dwarfed by the surrounding landscape that sometimes it wasn’t even possible to tell that it was a road until a tiny dot that may have been a truck or a car came into view.

Of course, distance is relative. After a day of walking around with the camera, looking for things to photograph, especially in hot weather, even a trail at the local nature center can seem like the long and winding road.  Now I can’t get that song by the Beatles out of my head! Thanks, Tina!!

29 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – The Long and Winding Road.

  1. A fine selection of long roads and tracks leading to who knows where! Amazing rock formations to enjoy looking at whilst driving past -as long as you are the passenger! I really like the photo of the track leading to the red house and the shadows on the fence and road.

    • Thanks, Marianne! The Utah trip, while great for seeing amazing scenery, was just way too much road time for me, even as a passenger. The paths at the nature center are more my speed.

    • Mine too! This one has been at Spring Valley for many years and has undergone several renovations giving it that bright red look, but the old dilapidated barn still has a special place in my photo files.

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