Square Perspectives – The Obliging Turtle

Here is my first entry for Becky’s Square Perspectives Photo Challenge. While I was at the Chicago Botanic Garden the other day, I came across a turtle sunning itself on a rock.  The Garden has many beautiful pieces of artwork scattered about, and at first I thought that the turtle was one of those, strategically placed in a natural setting, it remained so still. I took a picture anyway to add the sculpture photo files. And then it blinked. I took more pictures and after a few minutes, just to show willing, it turned to present me with a different perspective, a little  leg-stretching added for good measure. Finally, it turned some more and faced the camera. Thank you Mr. Turtle!

20 thoughts on “Square Perspectives – The Obliging Turtle

    • I can’t say that I was completely comfortable there, Indira. Too many people, and too many of those not wearing masks. I think the problem was that they were counting cars and not the number of people in them. Also I made the mistake of going too late in the day. In future I’ll stick to early morning. I believe Illinois is holding steady with the virus and has begun to reopen various venues but it probably wouldn’t take much to start another wave of cases.

    • Thanks for identifying the turtle, Scillagrace. It was fairly large, as turtles go, and didn’t seem at all bothered by the number of people that were standing looking at it at quite close quarters.

  1. just love at that shell! What a turtle, and hope you didn’t jump when he/she suddenly moved. A great perspective for Squares 🙂 so very happy you are joining in again

  2. Loved the final pose of the obliging turtle, with the his face in full view. Such a unique creature. ❤ You are so blessed to have a botanical garden to visit and enjoy. Hope you have a wonderful day, Sue. 🙂

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