Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Winter

This week, Ann-Christine invites us to share some Winter images for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. I have to admit that I am a creature of comfort and rarely stray too far from home during the winter months. The older I get, the less appealing the idea of getting togged up in boots, scarf, mittens and heavy winter coat becomes.  These shots, three at the Chicago Botanic Garden and one at the Volkening Heritage Farm in Schaumburg are a few in my very sparse collection of typical winter photos.

30 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Winter

    • Thanks, Indira! Even though I don’t always enjoy being out there in the cold, I can appreciate the beauties of the season, especially when there’s a hot cup of tea waiting for me on my return.

    • Thanks, Tracy. After two falls on ice, one resulting in stitches over the right eye and the other in a trip to the hospital for back x-rays, I’ve been cautious about venturing out in winter when conditions underfoot are not safe. But I’m glad I got at least a few shots to remind me that winter can be beautiful.

    • Thanks, Marianne. The weather goes from one extreme to the other here, and we’re never happy with what we’ve got. In the summer when it’s in the 90’s we’re longing for cooler weather and in the winter we can’t wait for it to heat up. The ‘happy medium’ days of spring and autumn seem very few and far between.

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