Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Lazy Days Under The Sun?

This week, Amy is asking us to share some moments Under The Sun for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. If you do any kind of gardening, you know that there are no such things as lazy days. I have an old tee-shirt that I use for working in that says, “I garden, therefore I weed.”  Isn’t that the truth!  It’s never ending and, at this time of year, done mostly under the sun! But fortunately, with all the spring rain that we had, the plants have grown sufficiently to cover the weeds until I can get to them. And I will…. eventually. Along with the weeds, perennials continue to flourish beside annuals and biennials that reseed and pop up randomly around the garden. Cultivating, deadheading, trimming and re-planting are just a few of the jobs that keep me busy out in the garden.

And I am not the only one who has been active out there in the garden in the summer sunshine. The rabbit explosion has produced several litters of plant-munching bunnies. Luckily there has been enough foliage to go around so I don’t feel too bad when I see them eyeing the flower beds. The coneflowers have been attracting both bees and butterflies and recently there have been hundreds of little skippers too. The sunflowers have had their fair share of interest and it’s amusing to watch the squirrels trying to get at the seeds. They are very resourceful and use the garden furniture to their best advantage.


Just as the sun is starting to go down, I catch a glimpse of a mouse peeping out from under the leaves, and a wren making short work of some hapless insect that is almost as large as the little bird itself.

And when the sun has disappeared below the horizon, there is still plenty of activity in the garden. There’s often a distinct whiff of fox outside, first thing in the morning, and a neighbor has reported seeing a coyote surveying the property with an eye to finding a late night snack. Skunks and possums are also frequent visitors and can be heard scratching about on the stones beneath our bedroom windows at night.

There’s never a dull moment and whether I’m running about wielding a trowel or a camera, there’s little time to sit back and enjoy those lazy days of summer under the sun.

35 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Lazy Days Under The Sun?

  1. You have a beautiful garden, Sue! These photos are so well captured. I love the little squirrel. 🙂 Oh, the birds are very happy in your garden. Great series. Thank you for sharing!
    Yes, so much work and patience to grow flowers and maintain them.

    • Thank you, Amy! The squirrel was a lucky capture. The camera just happened to be laying there handy so I grabbed it and got the shot through the window. The next minute, the squirrel took off.

  2. Wow Sue – looks like you’re feeding all of the critters in the area! What a beautiful garden you’ve sown. It must be such a pleasure to sit and enjoy the fruits of your labors after a job well done!

  3. Such a delightful post with all the photos of your beautiful flowers and the wonderful wildlife that helps you keep your garden so interesting! Love the rabbit, the little mouse, squirrel , butterflies and a humming bird…how fantastic!

  4. Fabulous post, Sue. Your images are fantastic. Such a wide variety! And you tell a great story of summer in the garden. It reminds me a bit of The Secret Garden–a favorite story when I was young.

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