Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – A Labor of Love

This week, guest host Rusha Sams from ‘Oh, The Places We See‘ has chosen A Labor of Love as the topic for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.  Usually around this time of year, my eldest daughter buys tickets for us to go and see a concert or show together to celebrate my birthday. I rarely go to anything like that throughout the rest of the year so seeing a show and spending time with her makes it an extra-special treat. Over the years we’ve seen Carmen, Orpheus and Eurydice and Die Fledermaus at the Lyric, concerts at Ravinia, Shen Yun and a host of other amazing performances, but this year, because of Covid, this particular form of birthday gift wasn’t an option.  So instead, the dear girl made me a fairy garden complete with fairy lights.

And what made this, above all other previous treats, so extra special was the fact that she had taken time from an exceedingly busy schedule, working as DNP at hospitals that involve hour-long commutes, to do it. She scoured local antique and hobby stores for the right pieces and put it all together with live succulents and plants in what can only be described as a Labor of Love.

Her creativity is not surprising, she is, after all, the mother of grandson and recently published author, Justin, and it’s not difficult to see from whom he gets his thoughtful and caring personality. So many of my collections here at the house are, in large part, thanks to her generous nature.

Finding a home for the garden wasn’t easy. It’s quite substantial and needed a solid base, so when my son-in law staggered in with it on Saturday evening, I had to quickly make a space in the sun-room. I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be moving to another location anytime soon.


16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – A Labor of Love

  1. You are the fortunate recipient of a very dear labor of love! This is a precious fairy garden, one that, as you pointed out, took time and much creative thought to put together; thus, it really is a special gift. Your opening paragraph caught my attention immediately: you two have seen several of the world’s finest operas, and I’m quite envious. I’m wondering if, in your area, the operas, plays, and orchestral performances are closed as ours are. We are dealing with the pandemic the best way we can, but we really miss the performing arts.
    Thanks again for contributing this post to this week’s challenge. And I hope your fairy garden gives you much pleasure for years to come.

    • Thanks, Marianne! My daughter always comes up with such creative ideas. I don’t know where she finds the time and I sometimes wonder whether she ever gets any sleep. She’s now planning our annual Family Fall Festival (provided Covid doesn’t prevent it.)

      • Your FFF sounds like great fun for all. These daughters are amazing! My daughter has just taken on home schooling our 11 year old grandson and she runs a couple of her own businesses too…maybe we set the scene for these gals to follow!!

  2. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. You have definitely raised a daughter who is kind and generous! And she, in turn, has raised a wonderful son. These are reasons to be happy on your birthday. I’m glad you highlighted them in your post!

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