Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Inspiration

This week, Tina has chosen Inspiration as the topic for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. With so many places closed down, travel restrictions in place and family gatherings limited because of Covid, and trips to the city put on indefinite hold because of increasing violence, I’ve been finding it hard lately to get motivated enough to get out and take pictures. I decided to look to the younger generation for some inspiration. Youngest granddaughter loves going to the zoo and great-grandson adores dinosaurs so yesterday I took my cue from them and headed over to Brookfield Zoo where by happy coincidence they are featuring a dinosaur exhibit. I think the kids would have approved.

Although the place was quite busy, most people wore masks and practiced social distancing and it was good to see families out there enjoying themselves, taking a break from all the turmoil that health, politics, social injustice and natural disasters has thrown at us this year.

Although the zoo itself is open, not surprisingly, all the indoor exhibits are closed which meant no pictures of gorillas in Tropic World and only a limited view of the bears. Add to this the fact that most of the animals were sleeping (when aren’t they?) and with the usual challenge of trying to get a decent shot through the intervening fences and wires, it proved to be an interesting exercise in zoo photography.

Despite so many of the attractions and services being unavailable, the zoo more than made up for it with the addition of the Dinosaur Exhibition. These prehistoric giants looked quite at home in their various settings and the animatronics and sound effects had all the kids (and some of the adults) squealing with excitement.



26 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Inspiration

  1. Does that mean there’s a new sport call zoo-ography Sue?! 😀 Like many other animal-lovers, I have very mixed feelings about zoos. On the one hand I hate to see animals confined when they should be in their natural wide-open spaces. On the other hand many of us would never get to experience them without zoos and if they are truly well cared for and have large enough spaces then I think it’s a great way for people to appreciate how important and special they are. I’m glad people are spending time seeing and understanding them. The dinosaur exhibit looks terrific – what a nice bonus!

    • Like you, Tina, it makes me sad to see animals limited to the confines of a zoo when they would probably be a lot happier in the wild. That being said, most of the animals at our zoo are now considered endangered species and, thanks to the total lack of concern for habit and wildlife conservation shown by many countries, will probably be extinct, if not in our life-time then in our grandchildren’s lifetime. Even if we could afford to travel the world, they will no longer be around for us to see and enjoy. As the sign at the entrance says, Brookfield Zoo is committed to conservation and they do a great job of caring for the wildlife in their keeping. And the dinosaurs were awesome!

    • Thanks, Indira! It’s true that zoo animals never seem very happy but then, on the other hand, if they were in their natural environment many of them might not be alive today thanks to poaching and a shameful disregard for habitat conservation. A sad commentary on mankind’s inability to preserve the treasures that nature has given us.

    • Thanks, Marianne! I think that, with so many animals now being on the endangered species list, zoos are becoming more necessary than ever. Provided they are well-cared for, this may be the only means of survival for many of them, unless wildlife conservation world-wide takes a drastic turn for the better.

      • I agree Sue. I believe that zoos are vital to ensure the survival of our wildlife so our grand children can enjoy all the animals and creatures we have been privileged to see in our lives.

  2. You did a wonderful job capturing the zoo animals, Sue. Great images. I especially love the camel, giraffe, lion, and rhino. The eagle is fabulous, too. I’m delighted that they inspired you!

    • Thanks, Patti. Zoos have come a long way since the days when animals were confined to small cages and visitors allowed to feed sticky buns to the bears. The prevailing theme is conservation now, and Brookfield Zoo seems to be making a splendid job of it.

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