Autumn At The Garden

Another opportunity to hideaway behind the camera presented itself recently on a trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden. This is my favorite time of year at the Garden, the colors are so spectacular.

Speaking of hiding away, I wonder if you can spot the chipmunk in this picture, helping himself to a tasty snack. I had a hard time pinning him down, he moved around so quickly, but he stopped just long enough for me to snap this one.

20 thoughts on “Autumn At The Garden

  1. Not quite the ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ we have in Wales but a glorious glowing and brightly -coloured autumn in Chicago! Love all the photos especially the chrysanthemum display, the pumpkin pyramid and the water lilies. ( What creature is eating the berry on the tree?)

    • Thanks, Marianne. I agree, it’s a far cry from the misty and mellow countryside that I remember from back home in the UK. That’s a chipmunk up in the tree. They move so quickly, I had a hard time catching him with the camera.

      • Thanks Sue…different type of autumn but both beautiful in their ways. A chipmunk now that’s not something you’d see around here…how exciting!

  2. Hi.

    How beautiful! The colors of flowers are incredible, so bright and colorful. I admired them by scrolling few times rolling from bottom to top and vice versa. Thank you.

    Have a god day!

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