Pull Up A Seat – At The Chicago Botanic Garden

It may be getting a little too chilly to be sitting about outside now, but when I was at the Chicago Botanic Garden recently it was perfect weather for Pulling Up A Seat and enjoying the view.

And of course, the wildlife don’t really mind where they sit. Any convenient spot in the sun will do.

It may be a while before I get to take pictures like this again. Things are getting so bad in Illinois, with the virus, that they are asking us to voluntarily stay at home whenever possible for the next three weeks. It would be easy to ignore the warning, goodness knows we all dislike being cooped up indoors for any length of time, but if using our common sense now means that we may be able to relax the rules when Christmas comes around, then let’s make the effort now. And this means wearing a mask when you do have to go out. Most people here in the Chicago area are pretty good about doing that, but it only takes the few who aren’t to really mess things up. So stay well, keep safe and PLEASE spare a thought for others.

29 thoughts on “Pull Up A Seat – At The Chicago Botanic Garden

  1. I wish I could join you on one of those seats and enjoy all the beautiful views around the Gardens. Do hope everyone there does use their common sense and listens carefully to the advice about the virus.

    • Thanks, Marianne! I would love to show you the garden and sit and chat. We are on the verge of closing everything down again as things are getting so bad and it looks like the first time ever that we will be spending Thanksgiving without at least some of the family around us.

      • Oh dear! I’m sure we are all the same…we can put up with many things…closed parks, gardens, museums, garden centres etc….but missing out on seeing the family especially on these special occasions is very hard indeed. Hope you can make your Skype/Zoom sessions with your family that little bit exceptional….maybe showing some of your amazing family photos from previous Thanksgiving years. Hope the Day goes fine for you and we’ll all be thankful that we are all well.

  2. Just found your blog. Love it. I started my blog (which has become an addiction) under lockdown in Australia, growing seeds and taking photos of my garden. Now eight MONTHS later we have had NO cases for 14 days and are allowed out again. Everyone MUST wear masks outdoors, sanitising and social distancing have become a habit. We record where we go, by signing in, so if a case happens they’re on to it. It was difficult and like you, I felt despair that people would do the wrong thing. There is hope. I’m packing a picnic and planning a camera outing today. Stay safe and strong.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Glenys. I’m so glad to hear that things are improving there. We have family in Australia as well as the UK. Writing and taking pictures for these posts has certainly become a big part of my daily routine over the past few years and now more than ever, Things are not looking so good here, and we are on the verge of another shut down but hopefully, if everyone does their bit, we will come through this. Keep safe and stay well.

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