Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – The Letter A

This week, Patti is looking for The Letter A for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. Here are a few images that seemed to fit the bill. In order of appearance; antlers, argiope, ant-eater, apes and amphibian.

43 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – The Letter A

  1. Well of course I wondered what the heck an argiope was, so now I know LOL! A beautiful collection of A images Sue, all beautifully captured. The ape image is so lovely – they are so like us, don’t you think? And that is quite a set of antlers!!

    • Thanks so much, Tina! I could have put arachnid but I thought argiope would be a bit more of a puzzler. I’ve really missed seeing the apes on my last two trips to the zoo as all indoor exhibits were closed but hopefully next year things will be back on track.

  2. ‘A’ star for all these amazing photos. Had to look up ‘argiope,’…you learn something every day! Love the expression of the apes and the composition.

    • Thanks, Marianne! I used to see these large striped spiders quite often especially in the autumn but they seem to be few and far between these days. Not that I’m a big fan of spiders but they were interesting to look at.

      • My daughter feels the same way about spiders, which is why I was more than a little surprised when she undertook a trip up the Amazon river and stayed at a camp where tarantulas were climbing up the walls of the tent.

      • OOW! I like the adventurous spirit of your daughter but tarantulas climbing up the tent…now that’s too close to incy wincy even for me!!

    • Thanks, Patti. The elk field was always a favorite stop-off point near our home. Sadly, due to mismanagement and a total disregard for their well-being on the part of the agency in charge of their care, a few years ago, the herd was practically decimated and even the two remaining elk seem to have disappeared.

      • The elk herd has been a part of the village since 1925 and always appeared to be well cared for, at least as far as I could see, until 2017 and then the situation became less than ideal. According to a recent article in the Journal & Topics newspaper on October 26th 2020, it would appear that Cook County Forest Preserve has made an attempt to reestablish the herd. I just hope they’re prepared and have the funds to take care of them properly this time. I may take a trip over there to see how things are doing.

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