Winter Observations

You don’t have to tell me twice to stay inside and keep warm, especially when the mercury is struggling to reach 10F. On the rare occasions when I’ve ventured outside to shovel snow, I’ve taken one or two pictures but for the most part, I prefer to observe things through the window.

31 thoughts on “Winter Observations

    • Thanks, Marianne! I keep checking the forecast to see if there’s any warmup in sight but so far, 21F has been the high point. And it’s even colder in Wisconsin, where our daughter lives. Spring will come as a blessed relief.

  1. I moved away from NY State to get away from that stuff. It’s only beautiful to look at and not to be a part of. We had our first major (for us) snowstorm here in South Texas a couple of weeks ago . It was about 3 inches and was all gone the next day. That’s how I like my winters…

    • I guess there’s no such thing as the perfect place, Francis. As much as I dread Chicago winters, I’ve sampled the summer heat in Texas and you can keep it. It’s not so bad now that we have retired and don’t have to go out unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    • Thanks, Tom! The icicles were very nearly on the inside the other evening when our gas pressure dropped and knocked out the furnace. Luckily, the speedy response and correct diagnosis of the problem by the young man who came out in the dark and waded through more than a foot of snow in 10F temps to fix it, saved the day.

  2. If you’re in Chicago, that beautiful snow must cut to the bone! I recall once leaving Chicago at a freezing 30 degrees, flying to Denver, then getting out of a bus in Boulder and stripping down to my T-shirt to hike with my backpack to my casa in Boulder. 16 degrees in Boulder was balmy compared to 30 in Chicago! But all those cultural textures in Chicago can’t be beat. Love it! Reminds me of my hometown, New Orleans πŸ™‚ Gary

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