22 thoughts on “Playing Possum

    • Thank you, Sylvia! They seem to be very much creatures of habit and follow the same route regularly. We used to see them at the same time every evening during the summer months and the tracks in the snow indicate that they are still taking their usual path.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a possum before! It looks an interesting animal to be visiting your garden. Love its ears and paws! Hope it’s not a dangerous animal!

    • Although it may look cute, it’s not something you want to try and pet, as we found out many years ago when we woke to find the remains of several baby possums scattered over our front lawn. Going outside to investigate, we found that one had escaped the carnage by falling down a window well, while the mother, with another young one on her back, was pacing up and down nearby, hissing and baring very large teeth. I put on two pairs of thick gardening gloves but couldn’t reach down far enough to get the little critter out so I had to climb down into the well while my mother kept the mother at bay with a broom handle. The upshot was that mother possum and two babies toddled off to safety. I don’t know what it was that killed the others but it must have been extremely fierce to face those teeth.

      • Oh my! Goodness that sounds awful. You were brave to go and try to rescue the baby and go down a well! Your mum was brave too facing a creature with large teeth just with a broom. Whatever killed the others, as you say, must have been fierce. Who knows what happens in gardens overnight and what kind of creatures could be roaming around? At Christmas I bought a night time camera for watching in the garden and all our garden shows up are plenty of little mice. I think your garden would capture more interesting creatures than here!

    • I think they’ll eat pretty much anything including birds, mice and other small critters. They’ll also eat the seed and bread that we put out for the birds. I did throw some extra scraps out in case he came back at night for another look around.

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