Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Soft

This week, Ann-Christine invites us to look at the Softer side of life for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. My first instinct was to go to the young; a baby’s cheek, a gentle calf’s eyes. Some years ago, I recall a baby rabbit jumping into my hands, light as a cotton ball and as soft as thistledown.

And, of course, speaking of the young makes one think of the soft, subtle shades of Spring.

And even the mellow days of Autumn have their softer side, when the silky milkweed seeds swirl skyward. (As you can see, I still have some S’s left from last week.)

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Soft

    • Thank you, Ann-Christine! As to the rabbit, no one was more surprised than I when that little experiment worked. I’d seen this tiny rabbit hanging about the garden for several days and, finding what I took to be some of the mother’s fur that she had used to line her burrow, I put it in my cupped hands and held it out to the baby. It jumped right in, whether because of the smell or the feel of the fur I don’t know. It only stayed for a few seconds before realizing its mistake and then hopped off.

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