Square Trees At Spring Valley

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge is back and this month the topic is Trees. By their very nature, trees are not that easy to capture in a square picture, Most of the tree images in my photo files don’t fit the bill, they’re either too tall or too wide but, by including a bit of scenery or on the odd occasion some wildlife or zooming up close, I think I’ve found a few shots that may work. So to kick off my entries for the Square Trees Photo Challenge, here are some trees at Spring Valley Nature Center in Schaumburg.

17 thoughts on “Square Trees At Spring Valley

  1. oh these definitely work, what a fantastic collection you have curated. So many great trees, wonderful views and fascinating scenes. I like how you have included different seasons and fire. Wow, this is an impressive #TreeSquare post

    • Many thanks, Becky. I thought at first I was going to have a hard time finding trees to fit in a square but thanks to your helpful suggestions, the more I looked, the more pictures I found.

  2. Square trees in a marvellous range of shapes, colours and textures- all wonderful, powerful and interesting. Every square tell a story…I’m lost for words! Brilliant!

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