Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Postcards

This week, our guest host, Ana, is looking for Postcards for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. In this age of texting, emails and social media, I’m guessing that postcards are rarely used now, which is kind of sad. I remember as a child, sneaking a peak at the naughty postcards for sale on the pier or promenade at the various seaside resorts that we stayed at, usually depicting a very large lady with a little, hen-pecked husband and featuring some rather saucy innuendoes.

Later, before I got into photography, I would buy postcards that showed the places I’d visited, more for my own use as mementoes, not bothering to send them to anyone as I usually got home before the postcards arrived, thanks to the third-class postal delivery. Also, what could you really write about on such a small space except, “Lovely weather! Wish you were here.”

The postcard that had the biggest impact on my life came addressed to my husband from his girlfriend which was one of the reasons he became my ex-husband; the moral of this story being, ‘Never commit to a postcard what you wouldn’t want everyone, including the postman, to see.’

Here are a few postcards from my recent visit to Cantigny Park in Wheaton. “Lovely weather! Wish you were here.”

32 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Postcards

  1. I like the moral of that postcard that changed your life. You have to be very careful what you write, when it can be read by many people. This is something we should often remember, now that we publish in a global world.
    Wonderful set of postcards! I wish to be there. You have done a great job in this post, thanks for participating.

  2. Very very clever Sue! Loved what you did with the postcards you created and your images are really beautiful. Laughed out loud at the “ex-husband” comment and also at the peeking at off-color humor on postcards of old. Terrific post.

  3. A giggle at your comments about postcards seen and received and a sigh of pleasure at the ‘postcards’ you’ve designed. They really are stunning and I wish I was there at Cantigny Park!

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