Summer In The Valley

The past few weeks have been hot and humid for the most part, a fairly typical Chicago summer, but despite the heat, it was enjoyable to get out for a walk at Spring Valley Nature Center recently. The renovations to the visitor’s center are almost completed with just a few bare patches in the landscaping that will no doubt fill in with time.

The lake was one mass of waterlilies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so overgrown before. There was a heron standing atop what I take to be a beaver lodge, and there were frogs aplenty.

Walking over to the farm, the air was very still and everything quiet. It appears that they have not yet become fully operational after closing for a time because of COVID. There were only two cows munching hay in a field that I have not seen used for some time.

Continuing on, along the prairie paths I spotted a chipmunk among the wildflowers, and a lonely monarch butterfly. Butterflies have been scarce this year both here and in the gardens.

With the days passing so quickly, it will probably be autumn by the time I return to Spring Valley. By then it will be cooler and maybe I will feel a little more energetic. These hot, humid days really slow me down and make me lazy.

24 thoughts on “Summer In The Valley

  1. This is beautiful! Looks very peaceful! I just visited Chicago too…such a wonderful city despite of the negative myths you hear about it. I am so happy I have decided to visit and see for myself to find out how such a great time I had.

  2. Sue, what lovely pictures of summer. I hear you about the hot weather. I lose all ambition when hit by a heat wave. Your butterfly is enjoying him or herself on that beautiful flower. Nature is glorious. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Loved this one Sue – you may feel lazy but your images tell a different story! Loved the frogs and the cow especially. Your flower images are stunning as well. This would have been a perfect response to Amy’s Keep Walking challenge this week. You should link it up!

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