Going, Going, Gone?

The Amur leopard, whose natural habitat is in the southeastern part of Russia and northern China, is listed as Critically Endangered and is probably one of the most rare cats alive today, with only about 90 animals surviving in the wild, which means that zoos like Brookfield are almost literally the last, best hope for these beautiful creatures.

Brookfield appears to have a successful breeding program. Their 10-year-old female leopard has produced four cubs in the past five years so, although the numbers may be dwindling in the wild, there is still hope that these magnificent cats may be saved from extinction. As with many such creatures, poaching and loss of habitat is largely responsible for their demise.

It took many hours and a lot of clicks to get these pictures but it was worth every second. Only by studying their behaviour and understanding the danger that these creatures face in the wild can we ever hope to prevent the disappearance of the Amur leopard.

28 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone?

  1. Handsome cats in excellent condition- thank goodness for the conservation programmes in the zoos. Wonderful and important photos capturing their might and beauty.

  2. What a stunning creature, Sue. Beautifully captured on camera. And I particularly love the black/white image. It’s very striking. Very well done.

  3. Yes actually now a days leopards are one of the rare animals in the world. Beautiful pictures and nice article. Thank you for sharing ☺️☺️🌹❤️😊

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