A Spectacular Show

My first trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden this year was to the Orchid Show yesterday. As always, they put on a spectacular show of colorful blooms and even though there was still snow on the ground outside, in the greenhouses it seemed very springlike.

Things are never dull at the Garden. There’s always something in the works and this year is no exception. They are planning on building a new Welcome Plaza, due to open this Fall, so things were a little different at the entrance, with much of the area fenced off due to construction. It will be interesting to see how it develops. They have also started the new policy of charging for admission as well as the usual parking fee so be prepared if you decide to visit. The ‘Untamed’ Orchid Show runs through March 27 and is well worth a look. I spent two hours in there, taking pictures, and look forward to a return visit with some of the family.

35 thoughts on “A Spectacular Show

  1. This is so beautiful and full of colour, and I’m truly grateful for all the photos you’ve shared! I’ve shared via twitter so others will perhaps enjoy them too 🙂

  2. Oh wow, Sue, they are gorgeous. I just check out the International Orchard Show in Santa Barbara will be held in March 2023. We just went to Santa Barbara last August, so I don’t know if we’re going back next year. My friend is a member of the Orchard Society. Her orchards won first and second places. 🙂

      • You’re welcome, Sue. It takes skills to grow them. My friend bought 20 plants from someone or somewhere when that place was closing out. The orchards need certain shades and temperature. Before she installed the shades in the patio, she put drapes over them, checked on them constantly. I’m so happy she got the prizes for a couple of them.

  3. Amazing vibrant colors. The displays scream out Spring! The snow outside reaffirms reality though, but it’s still pretty with the sun shining down. Lovely post Sue

  4. I love this orchid show, the colours, the portraits of individual orchids, just the visual effects of a bunch of orchids together.. creative, delicate, bold .💚💚

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