38 thoughts on “Orchid Show

  1. Hurrah for more flowers! I know some people don’t like orchids but I do. They look almost like aliens sometimes. 🙂 I’m excited because an orchid that my husband got me last year for Valentine’s Day is actually blooming again. Hip, hip, hurray!


    • I’m glad your orchid survived to bloom another year. They’re not easy to grow and I never had much luck with them which is why I always love to see these beautiful blooms at the Garden.

  2. Amazing photos . Love all the different colours, shapes , sizes and patterns- your photos make you stop and stare and really take note of these wonderful and beautiful flowers.

  3. Incredibly beautiful, Sue! I have never seen these many varieties of orchids. Thank you for sharing.
    I clicked your gravatar, it didn’t show you site, so I searched WP Reader and found. 🙂

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