One Last Look

It was supposed to be sunny on Friday but instead we got more rain. I’d already made up my mind to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden to take one last look at the Orchid Show and didn’t want to change my plans so off I went.

The show was due to close on Sunday, and it seemed as though everyone had the same idea, to get one more glimpse of those beautiful blooms. I noticed that there were several other plants that were blooming in the greenhouses so I may go back in a week or so, when the orchids are removed, to take a closer look.

As it was, the orchids still took center stage and a second look revealed more and more amazing aspects of these spectacular flowers.

The place was packed, so much so that after an hour of walking around the show taking pictures, I was glad to get out into the fresh air and since there was a brief lull in the rain, I decided to take a walk up to the bell tower.

The lawn in front of the tower was carpeted with crocus. All they need is a little sun to encourage them to open up.

And it looked like they were re-paving the seating area at the base of the tower, one of the many improvements that the Garden is undertaking this year.

11 thoughts on “One Last Look

  1. Pleased you returned for another visit to see those wonderful orchids. They truly are fascinating and beautiful. I actually know the name of one of the other plants as they ‘flower’ in Aberglasney Ninfarium: Aristolochia gigantea ‘Dutchman’s pipe’. I don’t know the name of many plants but I remember this one and wondered who the Dutchman was! Thank you again for the orchid photos.

    • Thank you for naming that plant, Marianne. I didn’t think to look for a label when I was at the greenhouse. It was such a fascinating plant, and I was surprised that nobody seemed to notice it, but it was hidden away in a corner and was competing with the orchids so I’m glad I took a picture of it.

  2. Thanks for another glorious visit and more photos of the most beautiful of aliens, the orchids. 🙂 Next time I’m back visiting I’m going to have to get down there for a visit.


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