Gathering Lilacs

Last week I made my annual pilgrimage to Lilacia Park in Lombard. The timing is always a bit ‘hit or miss’ on these trips. Will the lilacs be in full bloom? Will the tulips still be as colorful? I usually go by the small lilac bush in my garden, so when it looks like it’s almost at its peak, that’s when I head for Lilacia Park.

That wonderful lilac perfume greets you at the entrance and beckons you in, and although many of the tulips had started to fade and droop, there were still plenty to make a stunning display, while the lilacs were simply gorgeous.

I’m always reminded of that old song “We’ll Gather Lilacs” by Ivor Novello when I visit Lilacia Park, although it bears little resemblance to an English lane. Still, the sentiment is there.

The park is a comparatively small one, but the layout is cleverly arranged to maximize the effect of the flowers and shrubs, with paths that wind back and forth among the lawns and flower beds. And there were plenty of people to admire the scenery.

33 thoughts on “Gathering Lilacs

  1. Wonderful photos- I feel as though I was there too! Beautifully framed and composed photos showing the colourful views so well. Lilacs and tulips – a heaven sent combination- all your senses must have been heightened! I like the succulents on the sea horse(?) too.

  2. Glorious, glorious, glorious, Sue!! I can see I missed a lot of things while we lived in Naperville. 🙂 I love lilacs. When we were in Ohio, our house had three bushes in front, one with white, one lilac, and one purple flowers. The only bad thing is that rain will ruin them almost immediately. In Naperville, there were lilacs in front of the house we rented but they were a different sort. Still smelled marvelous, though.


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