Back in our garden, although I may have moaned about it at the time, the copious amounts of rain that we received earlier in the Spring really paid off. Everything has grown splendidly, and the flowers are looking even lovelier than ever. Mother Nature really knows how to put on a show!

Of course, these two visitors didn’t mind the rain and were so bold, they were practically knocking on the back door, waiting for me to come out and feed them.

Although it can be hard work at times, the garden has been a constant blessing. Right now, the poppies are popping, and the irises are looking radiant. Luckily, the peonies are not all blooming at the same time so we can enjoy their fragrance for a longer period of time.

The growing season is so short here in Chicago, but we manage to pack a lot into that time. Still to come are day lilies, oriental lilies, blue Brazilian sage (great for attracting hummingbirds,) dahlias (hopefully,) zinnias, cosmos and much more.

41 thoughts on “Meanwhile……

  1. Your flower posts always glad in my heart, Sue. I wish I would’ve known you when we went to Naperville so I could’ve come and visited your garden. Lol. Rain? What is that? I read somewhere recently that they expect our “monsoon” season to be more plentiful than usual this year. I certainly pray that that’s true! We badly need rain.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Be thankful for the rain! We’re in a drought where I live in Arizona, and they’ve imposed water restrictions again in California. I wish I could grow such a lovely garden!

    • Thank you, Dawn! It does seem to be rather a case of ‘feast or famine’ as far as the weather is concerned (drought in the west and floods in Wyoming.) We have been very lucky here in the Chicago area with the rains coming just at the right time but I suspect the summer may be gearing up to be a hot one. I do hope you see some relief soon. Thank you for visiting.

  3. Flowers are beautiful. You mentioned dahlias coming hopefully. Mine bloomed and are now gone. They had a shorter life this season. That storm that knocked out power a few days ago destroyed them. Now I am waiting on my Asiatic lilies.

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