Paine Art Center And Gardens

Naturally, I coudn’t visit Oshkosh without seeing some kind of public garden and the gardens at the Paine Art Center were a delight.

The gardens cover more than 3 acres of the Paine Estate and require a paid admission to the Art Center to view. Both were well worth the price but of course the gardens were my main interest. They featured ‘outdoor rooms’ with a pleasing aspect at every turn.

Nathan & Jessie Paine planned their new home in the mid-1920’s and their English heritage is reflected in the design and plantings in the garden, although the formal garden, pictured above, was added in 2017.

The mansion, in which the Art Center is housed, is certainly worth a visit. Nathan Paine commissioned architect Bryant Fleming to design the Tudor Revival-style estate. Most of the stonework is Kasota limestone quarried in Minnesota and the magnificent interior woodwork is primarily oak and walnut.

Sadly, the Great Depression took its toll on the Paine Lumber Company and in 1932 all work on the house ceased. Nathan & Jessie Paine never lived in the beautiful house that they had created but in 1946 they established the Estate as a museum. Nathan died in 1947 but Jessie oversaw the remaining work on the house and it opened to the public in 1948.

12 thoughts on “Paine Art Center And Gardens

  1. I am such an historic house enthusiast. The gardens are lovely and I could be happy there, but I would wander for hours inside that house!

    • The house was definitely worth spending time in. I love old houses too and if I’d won that billion dollar lottery yesterday I would no doubt be looking to buy something along these lines.

  2. Not a surprise that you enjoyed your visit viewing those wonderful gardens and the historic house. The gardens look really lovely and fascinating to see a Tudor styled house with its rich interior. Rooms to love in the garden and house!

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