Cantigny Gardens

As I mentioned in the previous post, the gardens at Cantigny Park are magnificent, even without the weird and wonderful creatures. They are still in the process of renovating the McCormick Mansion Museum but the rest of the park is now fully open and the improvements they made over the past couple of years have made it much easier to get about and see everything.

There is a parking fee of $5 for week days and $10 at weekends, which gives access to the park and gardens and also the First Division Museum and the McCormick Museum which will reopen later this year. Cantigny Park is open all year round except for the month of January.

Areas of interest include the Display Gardens, the Rose Garden, the Rock and Gravel Gardens, the Hosta Garden and the Idea Garden as well as Gold Pond, Butterfly Hill and Prairie View.

There are picnic areas and other dining options, play areas for the children and even a splendid 27-hole championship golf course. Cantigny also hosts private events as well as school and scouting activities and has a calender full of interesting events. In fact, there is something for everyone at Cantigny.

20 thoughts on “Cantigny Gardens

  1. Fabulous pictures! I’m showing my ignorance now, but you’re further north than me and I’m amazed at how lush those gardens are! 🙋‍♂️

  2. What a magical place, Sue. The picture of the butterfly is a show stopper, in my opinion. Taken as a whole post, the entire garden is spellbinding. 🙂

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