Summer’s Progress

Meanwhile, back in our garden, summer’s progress has provided us with an array of colorful flowers and interesting creatures.

The butterflies, bees and dragonflies are a welcome sight, the Japanese beetles not so much.

Sunflowers and nesting material continue to attract the goldfinches, and the hummingbirds love that Brazilian Blue Sage!

The rabbit has been busy as there are baby bunnies dashing about all over the place when I go out to work in the garden. It’s one of the reasons I let a few weeds grow in between the plants. I hope the rabbits go for the weeds. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

22 thoughts on “Summer’s Progress

    • Thank you, Ashley! I’ve tried to model my garden after my grandparents cottage garden in Kent. Not too regimented with lots of things flowering during the spring, summer and autumn months. The smell of phlox always takes me back there.

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  2. These beautiful photographs will provide wonderful reminders during your chilly winters … we are heading for spring in South Africa and are hoping for some rain this summer 🙂

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