The Last Rose Of Summer – A Tribute To The Queen

I was feeling in sombre mood when I visited the Rose Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden yesterday. I’d been watching, via the BBC website, the Queen’s procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall and wishing that I could have been there to say a final farewell. I had already planned this visit to the Garden so I thought I’d see it through and I must admit, the sight of so many lovely roses still in bloom, lifted my spirits.

I clearly remember seeing the Queen’s coronation on a TV newly acquired by my Aunt for the occasion, my first introduction to the ‘goggle box.’ Even then, at six-years-old, I was aware of the pomp and ceremony that surrounded Her Majesty. I’d been given a coronation mug at school and my parents had bought me a miniature coronation carriage so I knew something big was happening. After that, I got to see the Queen twice in person during the years that I lived in the UK. Only brief glimpses admittedly, but none the less awe-inspiring. Since then, I have admired her from afar.

In loving memory of Queen Elizabeth II. What a remarkable woman she was!


32 thoughts on “The Last Rose Of Summer – A Tribute To The Queen

  1. What beautiful roses and a lovely way to lift your spirits, and ours! Our beloved Queen has been with me almost all of my life. It is such an emotional time. Our youngest daughter was able to pay her respects in Westminster Hall yesterday. There is a Royal online condolences book:

    • Thank you! I’ve been watching the lying-in-state on the BBC website and have been struck by the wide range of people that have come to pay tribute. All ages, nationalities, faiths and walks of life. Just incredible!

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