Water, Water Everywhere – At Crabtree

Here’s an entry for Jez’s Water, Water Everywhere Photo Challenge. More than 3 miles of walking trails wind around and by three bodies of water, Bullrush Pond, Sulky Pond and Crabtree Lake, at Crabtree Nature Center, part of the Cook County Forest Preserve system in Barrington Hills, Illinois.


16 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere – At Crabtree

  1. Love the names of the ponds and lake and it looks a fine place to going walking. The photos are great and all very atmospheric- a story/poem could be written about each photo!

      • Thank you! Of course I should have known …a sulky is a two wheeled cart pulled by a horse..they have these races at a town not too far away …Tregaron Horse races! Interesting that the word is used where you are too…might be a link somewhere!

    • Thank you, Indira! I hadn’t been there for about a year and was surprised at how quickly the landscape had changed. Many years ago there used to be a sulky horse racing track around one of the ponds and it’s interesting to see how nature has completely taken over this whole area.

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