…….But not for long. As soon as I put out two new bird feeders the other day, my archnemesis, the squirrel, was all over them. Being the thrifty soul that I am, I thought I could devise some kind of baffle to stop him from rocketing up the pole every few minutes and scarfing down all the seed. I added a couple of plastic plant pots which gave the little critter pause for thought. You could almost see the wheels in his tiny brain turning has he looked at the problem from every conceivable angle.

First of all he tried leaping over them, but for every modification that I made, he pushed himself to jump that much higher. Their jumping capabilities are absolutely incredible and if there was ever a Squirrel Olympics, this one would have won a gold medal hands down.

But eventually he reached his limit and he went away to rethink the whole thing. He returned next day with a cunning plan. After making sure the coast was clear he proceeded to climb up inside the pot and push it upwards with his head. It took him a few attempts in this fashion until he finally pushed it all the way to the top with the following results.

Needless to say, I ended up having to go out to the store to purchase a squirrel baffle, paying as much for it as I would spend on two dinners for us, just so the birds can enjoy their meals in peace. The squirrel hasn’t given up however, and I wouldn’t put it past him to figure out a way to get up there. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of a squirrel.

46 thoughts on “Baffled!

  1. This is hilarious Sue! I knew the squirrels and the blue jays would want to get into my feeders, and they won’t support the weight of those animals nor are they welcome in that food. I trained the squirrels, crows and jays on a dish feeder like you have, but mine is very low to the ground and on the opposite side of my small yard. So far the idea has worked well, although the crows can be rather bossy!

    • It’s interesting to see the ‘pecking order’ among the wildlife. I put some food on the ground to keep the squirrels busy, while the sparrows (a rowdy bunch) dominate the feeders. Other birds put in an appearance during quiet times and I’ve noticed the hawk make the occasional low pass over the garden. We used to get quite a few crows here but they stopped visiting and we rarely see them now.

    • Yes, they are cute up to a point but they can be very destructive when they can’t get their own way. It’s unfortunate that you can’t feed the birds without attracting these pesky critters, especially when they start taking chunks out of your house.

  2. I had no idea squirrels could be so clever, we don’t have them in Australia, possums are probably the closest thing and I don’t think they’d ever manage to work out a problem the way your Squirrel did. Loved the photos.

    • Thank you! Squirrels are extremely clever when it comes to getting food. They are very agile and can jump up to 8ft in order to obtain their goal. Their persistence usually pays off and while they are very entertaining to watch, they can be a real pain in the neck. We have possums too but they are not nearly so bothersome.

  3. LOL! That’s funny! They are smart. I was just thinking about that this morning when I woke up to the valley covered in snow that I need to put up the bird feeder now, but the field mice will get into it. I need to stop them!

    The squirrels here have gone into hibernation so they aren’t a problem in the winter months.

  4. You could try putting out corn cobs for the squirrels. They love corn and might find it more appealing. One year I had a terrible problem with magpies hitting the feeders (literally, in order to spill some of the seed out). They also scared the smaller birds away. I started putting cat food out for them and for the most part they left the feeders alone after that.

    • I did consider corn cobs, but it may be a little late in the season to get them now. Our local animal feed place closed down last year so I have to rely on what’s in the store. I did get an excellent baffle that seems to be working well and I leave some seed on the ground so the squirrels don’t feel left out. I was interested to read your comment about the magpies. Luckily we don’t get them here as I’ve heard they can be quite aggressive. Many thanks for visiting, Lynette.

      • Yes, magpies can be very aggressive, especially if they have young nearby. The cat food worked reasonably well. They just wanted something to eat! Glad to hear that your baffle is working. Your picture of the squirrel pushing up the flower pot is amazing; they’re so smart.

  5. Hahaha. I took my baffles down and replaced my feeders with ones that are difficult for squirrels to get into. There’s plenty of seed for them on the ground. As much as I want to keep the creatures from taking all of the seed from the birds, they are fun to catch and so very clever.

    • The baffle that I just bought seems to be working well, although it doesn’t stop the squirrels from trying every so often to get at the seed. They are fun to watch and for that reason I do leave some food on the ground. Thank you for visiting, Mary.

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