Walking Squares – In Rockford

Here is another entry for Becky’s Walking Squares Challenge. And it might also work for Jez’s Water, Water Everywhere Challenge and even Marsha Ingrao’s Photographing Public Art Challenge.

I’ve always enjoyed our visits to Rockford and I especially like walking in the area down by the Rock River, around Sinnissippi Park and the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens.

On our latest visit to Rockford, we also visited Midway Village Museum. Although the buildings were closed for the winter, we were able to walk around outside. This was another first for us and we were sufficiently intrigued to warrant another trip here next year, so more pictures in a future post.

22 thoughts on “Walking Squares – In Rockford

    • Thank you, Indira! Rockford was always a go-to place if we couldn’t afford a real vacation. There are so many things to see there. Even though it was only an hour’s drive from where we live, we would stay overnight just to take in the evening theater at the hotel and be there ready to explore first thing in the morning.

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