A Rowdy Bunch

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the most common birds we see in our garden are the sparrows. They’re a rowdy bunch and it’s difficult, at times, for the other birds to get a look in, although the woodpecker holds its own when it comes to defending the suet.

I’m always happy to see something other than a sparrow in the garden but there is one bird that is not welcome and that is the pigeon. One or two I can take, but as the Immortal Bard once wrote, “They come not single spies, but in battalions.” They’re greedy and messy and are difficult to get rid of once they make themselves at home. There are a flock of about twenty or more that have so far given our place a miss. Someone on the next street apparently encourages them. But they must have been away for a while because the pigeons decided to drop in unannounced the other day.

I knocked on the window and yelled, “Clear off!” but they just ignored me so I ran out there a couple of times and chased them away. They would circle around and thud back down on the roof, glaring at me. It seems the only way to discourage them is to remove the food completely. It appears to have worked, for now. I would much rather have a score of sparrows scrapping over the seed than a preponderance of pigeons pooping on the patio.


41 thoughts on “A Rowdy Bunch

  1. So funny to see this post Sue. I just put one up about the birds in my yard, although no actual pictures here! You have pigeons. I have starlings.

      • The starling situation was odd. I had been thinking about them recently just because they were so obviously around last winter and I hadn’t seen a single one. Then suddenly I looked outside and they were everywhere! I think they read my mind. Yikes!

  2. “preponderance of pigeons pooping on the patio.” Love that, Sue. We are as one on our dislike of pigeons. We have them here in Arizona disguised as mourning doves. 😉. When the girls were young, we had a bird feeder as well as suet cakes. I loved the woodpeckers too. Of course the real fight was keeping the squirrels away.

    Lovely photos.

    • Thanks, Janet! We get the occasional mourning doves, usually in pairs but they’re quite mild-mannered compared to the pigeons. The squirrels and I have reached a compromise. They’ve agreed to leave the bird feeders alone if I put some food on the ground for them. So far, so good.

  3. Beautiful pics Sue! Yes, I know the messy pigeons – once had to pay extra to get the balcony of a rented apartment cleaned! Loved this p’full sentence “preponderance of pigeons pooping on the patio” 😂

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