The Nimble Nuthatch

Although it may sometimes get lost in the crowd of sparrows that habitually hang out in our garden, another fairly frequent visitor is the little nuthatch.

It usually comes down when the others take off. The birds are very wary of danger, especially when the hawk is about, and are quick to take flight, which is when the little nuthatch swoops in and takes advantage of a lull in the action at the bird feeder. This nimble little creature is quite the acrobat and, with his long beak, can reach all those tasty slivers of peanuts that are mixed in with the seed.

I’m always rather nervous when I go out to fill up the feeders as the nuthatch does not appear to be much afraid of humans and does, on occasion, fly down while I am still standing there which, given my ornithophobia, can be quite disconcerting. I wish I was one of these people who can hold out their hand and have the bird come and perch on it, but I would probably have heart failure.

27 thoughts on “The Nimble Nuthatch

    • I’ve never really noticed them in the garden before but now I’m using the fruit and nut blend in the feeders, they seem to be regular visitors. I’m not sure if they’re here all year round so will have to wait and see.

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