The Robin’s Return

Despite cold winds, frosty mornings and the occasional snow shower, the robins clearly thought it was about time to return to our garden.

I don’t ever remember them taking such a keen interest in the bird feeders before, but this year they appear to be making the most of everything that’s going.

They will soon be looking for somewhere to nest, and in this regard they are quite opportunistic. I have, more than once, had to remove would-be nests from on top of the motion-censor outdoor lighting fixture by our back door. Not to worry. There are plenty more places for them to build a home.


34 thoughts on “The Robin’s Return

  1. Love your photos- your robins have such an interesting colour and patterning around the eye and look as cheeky and bright eyed as our UK robins and cute too!

    • Thank you, Anne! Many years ago, we were lucky enough to have a robin build a nest in a shrub by our window in such a place that we were able to observe the whole process of raising a family from egg to fledgling. It was a fascinating experience.

    • We get the odd one or two that stick around. I feel that, with the climate change and loss of habitation, we will continue to see a dwindling bird population and subtle changes in their behaviour.

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