Bird of the Week – Coopers Hawk

With hundreds of pictures of birds in the photo files, Bird of the Week was a challenge, from I. J. Khanewala, that I couldn’t pass up. This Cooper’s Hawk was spotted in February of this year at Spring Valley Nature Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. Luckily, it allowed me to get quite close so the 200 zoom lens was able to get a fairly clear shot.


36 thoughts on “Bird of the Week – Coopers Hawk

    • I agree. I love seeing them in the our garden even though I know they’re hunting other birds. The was the first time I’d managed to get so close to one in a more natural environment.

  1. Simply wonderful, Sue. As an aside, if you’d like good food and great sangria, look for Cooper’s Hawk restaurant. One finally opened in Arizona, although we haven’t made it there yet. They also have an extensive wine selection. 🙂

  2. I had a pair of Cooper’s Hawks nesting in the giant oak above the deck at my previous house (back in 2010; we lived on a deeply wooded lot). They are magnificent creatures.

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