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July Blues – Garden Squares

Today’s entry for Becky’s July Blue Squares challenge features some scenes from the Chicago Botanic Garden. These pictures were taken when the temperatures were a little cooler. As much as I love the Garden, it’s just too hot to enjoy walking around there at the moment.

July Blues – Flutterbies

Butterflies at the Chicago Botanic Garden are my second entry for the July Blues squares. Still trying to catch up with posts and emails.  Our youngest grandson is visiting this week so posts and replies may be a bit sporadic but I will get to them all eventually. I am, however, making every effort to keep up with all the excellent blogs that I follow on WordPress.

My Blue Heaven

For the most part, our bird feeders are usually overrun by sparrows. It’s not often that we see anything else out there, so it really is a treat when something different shows up.  In this case, the blue jay, which really brightened up a gloomy day.