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Garden Mystery Solved

The prime reason for my trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden this week was to solve a mystery that had been bugging me ever since my last visit, but more on that later. Needless to say, I got sidetracked by all the beautiful scenery and colorful flowers.

As to the mystery, you may remember, if you read my earlier post, that a strange structure had sprung up in one of the open spaces in the garden. This turned out to be an art installation, one of several, that will help to celebrate the Garden’s 50th Anniversary this year. As I mentioned before, they rarely have outdoor art exhibits, the garden itself being enough to please the eye without further embellishments but I’m looking forward to seeing the completed project and will share more pictures in future Garden posts.

Heat Wave

Our mini heatwave lasted all of one day. Typical Chicago weather! One day in the 80’s and the next in the 30’s, so I’m glad I took the opportunity to visit the Botanic Garden when I did.

Spring has definitely sprung at the Garden with golden drifts of daffodils at every turn, while in the English Garden they had a delightful display of diminutive irises.

At a time when there are so many yellow flowers blooming, the purple ones always stand out in the crowd. My favorite color!

Over in the field where they usually hold the summer kite festival, an interesting structure appears to have sprung up. I’m not sure if it’s something left over from a previous display, there was no sign indicating what it was, or if it’s part of a new exhibit, but it certainly caught everyone’s attention.

One Last Look

It was supposed to be sunny on Friday but instead we got more rain. I’d already made up my mind to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden to take one last look at the Orchid Show and didn’t want to change my plans so off I went.

The show was due to close on Sunday, and it seemed as though everyone had the same idea, to get one more glimpse of those beautiful blooms. I noticed that there were several other plants that were blooming in the greenhouses so I may go back in a week or so, when the orchids are removed, to take a closer look.

As it was, the orchids still took center stage and a second look revealed more and more amazing aspects of these spectacular flowers.

The place was packed, so much so that after an hour of walking around the show taking pictures, I was glad to get out into the fresh air and since there was a brief lull in the rain, I decided to take a walk up to the bell tower.

The lawn in front of the tower was carpeted with crocus. All they need is a little sun to encourage them to open up.

And it looked like they were re-paving the seating area at the base of the tower, one of the many improvements that the Garden is undertaking this year.

A Spectacular Show

My first trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden this year was to the Orchid Show yesterday. As always, they put on a spectacular show of colorful blooms and even though there was still snow on the ground outside, in the greenhouses it seemed very springlike.

Things are never dull at the Garden. There’s always something in the works and this year is no exception. They are planning on building a new Welcome Plaza, due to open this Fall, so things were a little different at the entrance, with much of the area fenced off due to construction. It will be interesting to see how it develops. They have also started the new policy of charging for admission as well as the usual parking fee so be prepared if you decide to visit. The ‘Untamed’ Orchid Show runs through March 27 and is well worth a look. I spent two hours in there, taking pictures, and look forward to a return visit with some of the family.

Autumn In The Garden

We’ve had some unseasonably warm, dry weather for the past few days so I thought I’d make the most of it and visit the Chicago Botanic Garden.

I’d like to give a nod here to all the people who keep the Garden looking a picture-perfect place all year round. I don’t think I’ve ever been here when it hasn’t looked in tip-top shape.

A Hot Day In A Cool Garden

Tuesday probably wasn’t the most comfortable day to be walking around outside, temperatures were in the high 80’s and humidity way up there, but the rain had finally cleared out and I wanted to see the Butterfly Exhibit at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

While I was waiting for the exhibit to open, I wandered over to a part of the garden that I have never visited before. This area is primarily for kids. They have a learning center there and a play area. The Cove is a platform by the lake where they can study life along the water’s edge and a group from summer camp were looking for frogs.

Back to the butterflies. Butterflies and Blooms is a really cool opportunity for people to see rather more exotic butterflies than the ones we usually get in our own gardens. There are also some beautiful flowers to enjoy.

After more than an hour of walking round and round the butterfly enclosure, I decided to head over to the English Walled Garden for a little shade and a drink of water.

By this time I had used up just about all of my energy and decided to make one more stop, at the Circle Garden before heading for the exit.

I think this little bird had the right idea. He, at least, was keeping cool on this very hot day.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – One Photo Two Ways

This week, Tina would like to see One Photo Two Ways. Very often, after I’ve been on a photo shoot, I look to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge for a way to share the resulting images. This may not be exactly what Tina was asking for, but it’s my take on looking at a scene in two different ways. These images were captured on a recent visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden. I’ve taken so many pictures there over the years, that I’m always hoping to find a new way to look at the many familiar views.

In the Heritage garden, some flowers really stand out on their own, but they are only part of an overall display that also stands out in the Garden.

The Circle Garden is one of my favorite spots to sit and enjoy a break so the second shot was taken from a nearby bench.

The English Walled Garden is another favorite place at the Botanic Garden for photographers and artists alike. You can just see an artist painting a picture in the first shot. I got a little closer with the second image to try and get a glimpse of her work.

In the next image, it would appear that this busy volunteer was toiling away in the garden on her own, when in actual fact there were two others working with her. Usually I do my best to leave people out of the picture but on this occasion they just seem to fit in so well.

The Rose Garden has an abundance of beautiful blooms but it’s difficult to capture everything in one shot so I usually take individual pictures of the roses and put them into a collage.

On Evening Island, the bells ring out the hours so that you can hear them from quite a distance. The Carillon is only a small part of the overall landscape but the bells really make themselves known.

Two more views from the English Walled garden.