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Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G Biv

 Roy G Biv or in other words All The Colors Of The Rainbow; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.WPC Roy G Biv

After the storm come the flowers, lush foliage and sunny skies.

WPC Roy G Biv red

WPC Roy G Biv orangeWPC Roy G Biv yellowWPC Roy G Biv green

WPC Roy G Biv blue

WPC Roy Biv indigoWPC Roy G Biv violet

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

WPC Vivid 1

Guest Photo Challenge host Lignum Draco has given us ‘Vivid’ as the theme for this week’s challenge. As a keen gardener I couldn’t resist turning to the flower photo files to help illustrate this subject.

WPC Vivid 2

The poppies in our garden have been exceptional this year and have provided some spectacularly vivid colors.

WPC Vivid 3

For more on The Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily Post go to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/vivid/ and to see more wonderful pictures I can highly recommend a visit to Lignum Draco’s blog at https://lignumdraco.wordpress.com/

Travel Theme: One Color

Ailsa’s Travel Theme challenge this week is ‘One Color’ so once again I’ve dipped into the photo files to see if I could find something that would be appropriate.

TTC one color 1

A lucky opportunity to photo the lions at Brookfield Zoo, Illinois

TTC one color 3

A chilly September day, looking out from George K Pinney County Park Harbor of Refuge and Boat Launch at the steely blue waters of Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin.

TTC one color 4

Lush green grass at Spring Valley Nature Center in Schaumburg, Illinois.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vibrant Colors

CFFC vibrant

For vibrant colors you don’t need to look any further than nature itself.   Flamboyant flowers show off their gaudy petals at the Chicago Botanic Garden where nature’s hues are at their most radiant.  Dahlias in the Circle Garden.

CFFC vibrant 2

A delight for the eye in the Sensory Garden.

CFFC vibrant 3

Bright purple phlox, proving their worth in the Plant Evaluation Garden.

CFFC vibrant 4

Autumn splendor on the Esplanade.

CFFC vibrant 5

Nature at its most vibrant in the Chicago Botanic Garden.

For more on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge go to http://ceenphotography.com/2014/10/14/cees-fun-foto-challenge-vibrant-colors/

The Orchid Show

OS 2

The Orchid Show which runs through March 16th at the Chicago Botanic Garden is an event not to be missed.  I went there the other day and managed to take more than 400 pictures of some of the most beautiful blooms imaginable.

OS 3

I felt like a kid in a candy store as I walked through the various displays which have been set up in and around the greenhouses at the Garden.  And you could hear the “Oohs ” and “Aahs” as other visitors came upon one spectacular flower after another.

OS 4

I’ve tried growing orchids without any success.  It’s no easy matter so I can appreciate all the hard work that goes into cultivating these glorious specimens. There are more than 10,000 orchids on display at the show and every one a gem.

OS 5

There is more than a touch of Hawaiian magic about the show with live Hawaiian music and hula dancing at the weekends as well as demonstrations on lei-making.  There is also a free music concert at 10am on Tuesdays.

OS 6

There is no better way to beat the winter blues in the Chicago area than to step inside The Orchid Show and see for yourself all these gorgeous blooms in such a multitude of colors.

OS 8b

A Touch of Green

A touch of green 2

There’s a song that’s stuck in my memory, from my days back in England, called ‘Green Grow The Rushes, O’.  I seem to recall we sang it quite a lot at school.

A touch of green

Well, there’s not much green around here at the moment, not even the ‘rushes, o’ and, although I’m usually the first one to complain when it comes time to drag the lawn mower out, I wouldn’t be averse to seeing a little bit of grass growing, right about now.

A touch of green 5

Green, to me, means the smell of a fresh cut lawn, shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day and the burgeoning buds on the trees in Spring. It means tangy limes and crunchy apples.

A touch of green 3

I want to sit under a shady leaf canopy on a hot summer day, eat green salads and cool cucumbers. I want to sip mint juleps and watch the ivy as it climbs the garden wall.  I want green!

A touch of green 4

A Touch of Red

A touch of red 3When Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote,

Chill airs and wintry winds! my ear

has grown familiar with your song;

I hear it in the opening year

I listen and it cheers me long.”

I can pretty much guarantee that he wasn’t sitting in Chicago at the time.  I think Shakespeare was putting it mildly when he wrote of winter, “Thy breath be rude.”  Here in Chicago it’s downright diabolical!

A touch of red 4

Who needs sub-zero readings on the thermometer and winds that cut you in half like a knife.  We need to throw off the mittens, scarves and extra sweaters.  We need some heat.  We need a touch of red.

A touch of red 2

Red, to me, speaks of blazing tulips, the smell of roses after the rain and luscious, ripe strawberries.  I picture a red and white checkered tablecloth spread for a picnic in a field of bright poppies. I can imagine sitting under a red beach umbrella, feeling the warm sand between my toes.

Strawberry Fest

I want to watch a flaming sun as it sets on a perfect summer day. I want to savor the sensation of tasting fresh-picked raspberries.  I want fireworks on the 4th of July, cherries and fragrant carnations.  I want red!

A touch of red


A Touch of Yellow

A touch of yellow 4

With temperatures soaring to 18F today and 10F predicted for Monday, I’m wondering, “Where’s the warmth? Where are the days of short-sleeved shirts and sandals?  Where’s Spring?”

A touch of yellow 2

Enough of the endless snow storms, long cold nights and short winter days. We need a touch of color. We need some yellow.

A touch of yellow 3

Yellow, to me, says buttercups in the grass and primroses in the hedgerows; sunny days on the farm with soft, creamy butter and fluffy chicks. It means buzzing bees, golden honey and butterflies fluttering among the black-eyed Susans.

A touch of yellow 5

I’ve had enough of bundling up in so many layers that I can hardly move in order to shovel the driveway and sidewalks and then tracking snow all over the clean floors when I get back inside. I want a little warm sunshine. I want to see some sunflowers.  I want yellow!

A touch of yellow

A Touch of Pink

A touch of pink 2

I am so over winter already!  When the snow has lost that picturesque quality and the skies remain grey for hours on end I long for the colorful days of spring and summer. It hasn’t stopped snowing here since yesterday afternoon so I thought I’d post a few reminders of the delights to come in the months ahead when everything returns back to life, just to cheer myself up.

A touch of pink 3

Pink was my mother’s favorite  color; her bridal bouquet contained pink carnations and sweet peas. She was certainly kept busy, knitting pretty pink outfits for our three girls when they were babies.

A touch of pink 4

Pink, to me, says sugar and spice and all things nice, little girls in summer dresses, and sweet smelling roses. It makes me think of blossom time at the Morton Arboretum and magnificent magnolia trees, warm, soft breezes and June brides.

A touch of pink 5

I want to sit in the garden and feel the delicate touch of petals falling from the trees. I want a touch of color in my life.  I want pink!

A touch of pink