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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Flowing Water

This week, Cee is looking for flowing water for her Black & White Photo Challenge.  A couple of months ago we took a trip to Minnesota to visit, among other places, Minnehaha Falls. It was a very dull, wet day when we were there so we probably didn’t see them at their best. I think, in this instance, the black/white treatment does them and the resulting flow of water more justice than the original color shots.

Closer to home, here are a couple of images from my visit to the Air & Water Show in downtown Chicago. Walking back from the lakefront, I took in Buckingham Fountain and a slightly less well-known fountain outside the Chicago Art Institute.

For more on Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge go to Flowing Water.



Time To Reflect – Autumn At The Chicago Botanic Garden

After our return from Utah things seemed a bit drab here in Illinois so I thought it might be a good idea to visit one of my all-time favorite haunts, the Chicago Botanic Garden.  This place will always raise your spirits and, after walking across the bridge just beyond the visitors center, I felt decidedly more cheerful.

CBG autumn 2015 d

Autumn 2015 e

The Esplanade was ablaze with colorful chrysanthemums and you could hear several gasps of wonder as visitors caught their first glimpse of the gardens.

CBG autumn 2015 a

Autumn 2015 b

CBG autumn 2015

In the Heritage Garden the water lilies were looking splendid and were just close enough to get some nice shots.

Autumn 2015 a

CBG autumn 2015 g

CBG autumn 2015 f

It was one of those mild October days when everyone was making the most of the sunshine and even the sparrows were happy to splash around in the fountains.

CBG autumn 2015 c

CBG autumn 2015 i

Despite being past their peak blooming season there were still plenty of flowers in the Rose Garden.

Autumn 2015 d

The autumn season was very much in evidence in the Beuhler Enabling Garden with lots of pumpkins and squash on display.

CBG autumn 2015 b

CBG autumn 2015  e

And an abundance of gorgeous flowers in the Sensory Garden.

CBG autumn 2015 j

It was a pleasure to just amble about the gardens, leisurely crossing the serpentine bridge to Evening Island. No rushing about as we’d been doing during the previous few weeks.

CBG autumn 2015 l

CBG autumn 2015 k

CBG autumn 2015 m

There was even time to sit and enjoy the view in the Circle Garden, one of my favorite spots in the garden.