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Green Bay Blooms

Green Bay Blooms 1

Every time I think I’ve seen a garden at its best, it amazes me by outdoing itself.  The blooms at the Green Bay Botanic Gardens this summer were absolutely breathtaking!





The daylilies were just gorgeous! And so many different varieties!

Green Bay Blooms 2

Green Bay Blooms 5

Green Bay Blooms 3

The Cottage Garden is always my favorite spot. All the flowers seem to be jostling for attention, pushing themselves to the forefront, clamoring to be photographed and I’m only too happy to oblige.


Green Bay Blooms 4



Green Bay Roses

GBBG roses 17

On our way home from Mackinac Island a few weeks ago, we stopped off in Green Bay overnight and were delighted to find that our hotel was just a short drive from the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.

GBBG roses 18

I find it difficult to ignore the opportunity to take a stroll around a garden especially as gorgeous as the one in Green Bay, so even though we were somewhat weary travelers and the weather, though sunny, was rather on the hot side, we took advantage of our Chicago Botanic Garden membership which affords reciprocal privileges and paid the garden a visit.

GBBG roses 10

GBBG roses 11

GBBG roses 12

GBBG roses 15

I love roses but never seem to have much luck with mine.  The ones in the Lux Foundation Rose Garden were just fabulous! I wish I could tell you the names but as usual I was too busy taking photos to make notes.

GBBG roses 3

GBBG roses 13

GBBG roses 16

GBBG roses 14

The colors were dazzling and the scent of the roses took me back to my grandmother’s garden which, although nothing like the one at Green Bay was, to my young eyes, an earthly paradise.

GBBG roses 1

GBBG roses 19

Every time I visit a place like this, I come home with a renewed determination to replant my rose bed and grow something really spectacular yet somehow it never works out. But I keep trying!

A Jewel In Green Bay

GB botanic gardens

We found a jewel in Green Bay and the name of this treasure is the Green Bay Botanical Garden.  What a delightful scene greeted us at every turn.  Here are just a few of the images that I captured during our visit.

GB botanic gardens 1

The Garden was originally an apple orchard owned by the William Larsen family, the apples being canned as applesauce and sold at the company store, and when the Garden entered into a long-term lease with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and was opened to the public in 1996, a small portion of the orchard was retained as part of the garden setting.

GB botanic gardens 2

A view of the Marguerite Kress Oval Garden; this garden contains not only gorgeous roses and pretty perennials but this touching sculpture of Marguerite as she sits listening to her husband George playing his violin.

GB botanic gardens 2b


GB botanic gardens 3

Atop a hill stands the Stumpf Belvedere.  An example of an early Grecian gazebo; stars, clouds and moon are cut into roof  providing a romantic setting for wedding photos.

GB botanic gardens 4

A view of the Vanderperren English Cottage Garden and Meredith B Rose Cottage featuring an old-fashioned mix of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

GB botanic gardens 5

GB botanic gardens 5b

GB botanic gardens 5c

The Gertrude B Nielsen Children’s Garden is a world of enchantment with colorful flowers, a dragonfly bridge, giant sun-dial and Peter Rabbit’s Garden as well as a tree house, vine maze, butterfly garden, and giant slide.

GB botanic gardens 6

GB botanic gardens 7

If you love gardens, as I do, and you’re in the Green Bay area, I recommend that you visit the Botanic Garden there. It’s a beautiful place with lots to see.

GB botanic gardens 9

GB botanic gardens 8