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A Photo A Week Challenge – Mountain

This week, Nancy Merrill has us looking to the mountains for her Photo A Week Challenge.

Taking a picture through the dirty windshield of a fast-moving car is not the most ideal way of capturing a shot but I managed to salvage this view, seen in Colorado, with the help of a little HDR.

On our way through Wyoming we drove along the Snowy Range Pass where we encountered some wonderful scenery.

And then on to Utah.

During our stay in Salt Lake City we took a side-trip to do a little hiking near Alta.

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Time To Reflect – Snowbird

snowbird 18

Snowbird, even the name sounds enchanting and the scenery is just as enthralling. Snowbird Ski Resort, open year-round, is located in Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City. The area was originally known for its silver mines but for me the treasure lies in the beauty that is apparent on the surface.

snowbird 17

snowbird 8

Our trip to Utah was a series of firsts for me; first visit to Salt Lake City, first time traveling this far west in the USA, first up-close and personal view of a moose! We almost fell over this one on our way from the parking lot up to the lodge. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Even without snow, Snowbird was busy due to the fact that Oktoberfest was in full swing and one of the many marathons that are held in the Wasatch Mountains was in progress. But despite all the people going back and forth, this moose seemed quite unperturbed.

snowbird 2

snowbird 3

Riding up to the top of Hidden Peak in a tram was another first and if I hadn’t been so busy taking photos from the window I might have been terrified. It reminded me of when I was a young child, taking the lift up and down the cliffs at Folkestone, scared stiff and yet fascinated by the mechanics of the thing.

snowbird 4

snowbird 5

The view was astounding. You could just make out Salt Lake City in the distance, partially veiled by a haze, a remnant of the wildfires that were raging further west. A rather sobering reminder of how merciless Mother Nature can be. While thousands of acres were burning in California, sixteen people drowned in the flooding in southern Utah on the day that we stood looking out from the summit of Hidden Peak.

snowbird 12

Snowbird 11

snowbird 6

Anyone who has the energy to hike or bike up to the top of Hidden Peak, and there were many that day who were competing in the marathon, is able to catch a free ride on the tram going back down to the resort.

snowbird 19

Our daughter and her husband availed themselves of this service shortly after their arrival in Salt Lake City and the thing that impressed them the most on their way up was the change in the terrain, as though the mountain were presenting a different face at every turn. And on the ride back down the slope I could see what they meant.

snowbird 13

Snowbird 15

snowbird 14

snowbird 16