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After the pumpkins had served their purpose on the front doorstep for Halloween, they were moved to the back garden where they took on the appearance of frosted donuts after a light dusting of snow.  Then the squirrels moved in.  It’s good to recycle!


Halloween Challenge – Pumpkin

Today is the first day of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Halloween Challenge which runs through the entire month of October.  Jennifer has picked a Pumpkin for the first challenge and so, apparently, did this squirrel who made himself at home in the remains of one of our Halloween pumpkins last year. For more on Jennifer’s Halloween Challenge go to https://jennifernicholewells.com/2016/09/26/jnws-halloween-challenge-2/








Through The Window……Part Two

There were six of the little critters out there this morning! I eventually had to go and separate the pumpkins as they just wouldn’t play nice. (The squirrels, not the pumpkins.)

Finally they settled down, each with it’s own private dining table, until the seventh one arrived. From then on it was like ‘musical chairs for squirrels’ until it became impossible to tell just how many there actually were, in the flurry of twitching tails!

Now I can hear a crow calling a warning and several of the squirrels have scurried away. Perhaps there’s a hawk in the area.

Through The Window

It was such a dreary day today that I felt in need of some cheering up so, this afternoon, I sat by the window with my camera and watched as four squirrels showed up to investigate the discarded Halloween pumpkins that I’d halved and filled with bird seed.

Squirrels don’t believe in sharing and jealously guard what they consider to be their own personal food supply. There was such a skirmish as they chased each other about, first one claiming the prize, then another.

Several birds arrived on the scene, drawn perhaps by curiosity and the promise of a square meal, but wisely stayed up out of harm’s way on the bird table as the squirrels dashed about in a frenzy of pre-winter gormandizing.

Squirrels can always be relied upon for some lively entertainment and today they didn’t disappoint.