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Travel Theme: Blossom

travel theme blossoms

I didn’t have to travel too many miles to find a fitting subject for Ailsa’s Travel Theme challenge on Where’s My Backpack? at http://wheresmybackpack.com/2014/05/16/travel-theme-blossom/ which this week is Blossom.

travel theme blossoms 2

Springtime is lilac time which means a trip to Lombard and Lilacia Park.  Who would think that lilac came in so many different shades!  And the perfume is just heavenly.

travel theme blossoms 3

The lilac blossom reaches its peak of perfection in May which is when Lombard holds its annual Lilac Festival. More than 700 lilacs are in bloom in the park at this time of year, as well as a beautiful show of tulips (more of those in a future post.)

travel theme blossoms 4

I didn’t stay for the parade as I had an important date with a lawn that needed mowing, but I spent a delightful hour or so walking around the park, sniffing appreciatively at the blossoms and enjoying the first sunny day that we’d had in quite a while.

travel theme blossoms 5




I wonder why many of us favor one color over another. There’s probably a scientific reason for it. I’m sure psychologists have their theories. I even read somewhere that it’s connected to who we were in a previous life, although how much credence you can give to that particular hypothesis is questionable.

Whatever the reason, I have a passion for purple or anything remotely resembling that color; lilac, lavender, violet, mauve and all shades in between.

I remember when I was a child being given the choice of costume color for a tap-dance number that our class was performing in the annual dance-school recital. Naturally I chose purple. I don’t know what my partner thought about dancing in purple top hat and tails but I didn’t hear her complain, which was just as well since no power on earth would have induced me to change my mind.

When I was a teenager my father finally relented and gave his permission for me to decorate my bedroom in whatever manner I chose. This rash decision resulted in dark purple walls and a white ceiling. He probably regretted having sanctioned such an unorthodox color scheme, a radical break from the traditional flowered wallpaper that had adorned my bedroom walls for so many years, but he didn’t say anything and suffered in silence. Good old Dad!

As far as marketing is concerned I’m a sucker for anything in purple packaging, regardless of whether the contents washes whiter, kills more germs or is stronger, brighter or more environmentally or economically viable than the other products on the shelf. I certainly would have bought more purple oven mitts, dish cloths and other household items had that color been in fashion but you rarely see purple dishpans, sink tidies or cutlery holders. (I’m sure when my husband saw me assembling all the items for the above photo he thought I was actually going to break down and do some cleaning. No way, Mr! At least, not today.)

When I go to the Botanic Gardens I’m automatically drawn to the flower beds that contain purple blooms and my photo album is filled with pictures of iris, buddleia, phlox, clematis and anything else that falls within that color range. One of my favorite places in springtime is Lilacia Park in Lombard which is where I’ll be heading with my camera in a few month’s time.

Surprisingly, there is very little purple to be found in the contents of my wardrobe which probably has more to do with the current trends than anything else. The most recent concession to my favorite color in the way of clothing was an ensemble that I bought, three years ago, for our daughter’s wedding; a very pale, almost grey, lavender outfit with beaded jacket that I will probably never wear again but which, for that one special day, made me feel like a million dollars!