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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Curves

This week, Tina has selected Curves as the topic for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge so here is my interpretation of the theme. As you can probably tell, my mind is on warmer days to come. These gorgeous roses were growing at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois, and Vander Veer Botanical Park in Davenport, Iowa.


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Green Bay Roses

GBBG roses 17

On our way home from Mackinac Island a few weeks ago, we stopped off in Green Bay overnight and were delighted to find that our hotel was just a short drive from the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.

GBBG roses 18

I find it difficult to ignore the opportunity to take a stroll around a garden especially as gorgeous as the one in Green Bay, so even though we were somewhat weary travelers and the weather, though sunny, was rather on the hot side, we took advantage of our Chicago Botanic Garden membership which affords reciprocal privileges and paid the garden a visit.

GBBG roses 10

GBBG roses 11

GBBG roses 12

GBBG roses 15

I love roses but never seem to have much luck with mine.  The ones in the Lux Foundation Rose Garden were just fabulous! I wish I could tell you the names but as usual I was too busy taking photos to make notes.

GBBG roses 3

GBBG roses 13

GBBG roses 16

GBBG roses 14

The colors were dazzling and the scent of the roses took me back to my grandmother’s garden which, although nothing like the one at Green Bay was, to my young eyes, an earthly paradise.

GBBG roses 1

GBBG roses 19

Every time I visit a place like this, I come home with a renewed determination to replant my rose bed and grow something really spectacular yet somehow it never works out. But I keep trying!

The Rose Garden

June, the perfect month to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden’s rose garden!  With more than 5,000 plants to delight the eye, the garden is a vision of color and excitement at this time of year.

The earliest recollection I have of having any kind of appreciation for nature was when I was quite a young child, walking with my mother from the bus stop to my grandmother’s house after a rain shower. Everyone that lived in her neighborhood grew roses (we didn’t see too many roses around our home in Tottenham at that time) and their perfume after the rain was intoxicating. Walking around the Rose Garden I am almost overcome by the heady fragrance and the memories of that day.

The roses are not just planted in regimental rows in the garden but are incorporated into a gorgeous landscape of boxwood, viburnums, various species of pine trees and spireas as well as other complementary perennials.

The fountain at the far end of the garden is in the shape of an open rose blossom and never fails to attract the younger visitors who love to splash in the water.  Close by is a cool arbor for those hot summer days where you can sit in the shade surrounded by climbing roses, autumn clematis, ferns and hostas.

So many different color blooms and the names are just as fascinating!  ‘Cupcake’, ‘Sun Sprinkles’, ‘Golden Wings’, ‘Pink Iceberg’ and ‘Will Scarlet’ are just a few.

Roses are not the easiest things to grow especially in our humid Chicago climate ( I am constantly battling black spot and Japanese beetles in my own garden) but the Chicago Botanic Garden has it down to a fine art and there is no better place to see these beautiful flowers.