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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Getting To Know You, Batavia

Better late than never! In response to Scilla’s theme of Getting To Know You for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, here are some images that I captured on one of my better days a couple of weeks ago. Despite the fact that we live relatively close to Batavia, we have never visited there before and, with everything that’s going on right now, in the world and in my own personal life, it was great to get out and see something different.

Apparently, there was a time many years ago when almost all the windmill-driven water pumps used on American farms were made in Batavia.

Most of the places that we hope eventually to visit in Batavia don’t open for a week or two (if at all, with COVID restrictions) but it was helpful to find out where they are located. I definitely want to take a tour of the windmill and there is a house/museum and Japanese garden that is also on our list.

We arrived at the River Walk just in time to see the final laps of a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon. More than 400 people from all over the country running 26 gruelling miles! Rather them than me! I’d rather take a leisurely stroll and see the sights. Luckily the weather was perfect for all of us.

The eagle on top of one of the monuments along the River Walk might have been good for Tina’s theme of Taking Flight a couple of weeks ago.

The end, in more ways than one. This beautiful sculpture entitled ‘From The Waters Comes My Bounty’ by Ray Kobald, marked the end of our visit but it was nice getting to know you, Batavia, and we hope to be back soon.