The Constant Cardinals.

The cardinals are regular year-round visitors to our garden but, unlike the sparrows who arrive in hordes, they appear mostly one pair at a time.

They are cautious birds and prefer not to get involved in any kind of brawl with other visitors to the feeders, usually waiting until the coast is clear to come down.

The cardinal pair may stay together for years, although I doubt they can match the milestone that my husband and I reached yesterday, celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.


58 thoughts on “The Constant Cardinals.

  1. Congratulations on those 50 years, Sue!! I have to reach 80 before we hit 50. 🙂 I love seeing the cardinals because I rarely see them here. We always saw them in Illinois and Ohio and as you say, their color is especially welcome in winter. Are you getting snow? My friend in Naperville just sent a video of it snowing there.

    • Thanks, Janet! Yes, it’s snowing quite a bit here. In fact, we had to cancel our plans to celebrate with the family tomorrow because of dodgy driving conditions, but hope to all get together in March when my cousin comes over from England for a visit.

  2. Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! We were amazed how quickly those years zoomed past! The cardinal photos are beautiful and the perfect birds to help you celebrate your golden day!

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