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A Photo A Week Challenge – Mountain

This week, Nancy Merrill has us looking to the mountains for her Photo A Week Challenge.

Taking a picture through the dirty windshield of a fast-moving car is not the most ideal way of capturing a shot but I managed to salvage this view, seen in Colorado, with the help of a little HDR.

On our way through Wyoming we drove along the Snowy Range Pass where we encountered some wonderful scenery.

And then on to Utah.

During our stay in Salt Lake City we took a side-trip to do a little hiking near Alta.

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Snowy Range Scenic Byway

Snowy Range Pass 2

On a recent road trip to visit our daughter and her husband in Salt Lake City, a journey of 3,250 miles round trip, we made a slight detour to visit Snowy Range in Wyoming, the second forest road in the USA to be designated a National Forest Scenic Byway.

Snowy Range Pass 12

Snowy Range Pass  7

Following the road over the Medicine Bow Mountains we were greeted by a magnificent view at every turn and although it was too late in the year to see the many wildflowers that grow there, it was still a spectacular sight .

Snowy Range Pass 4

Snowy Range Pass 5

The highest point in the range, Medicine Bow Peak, reaches 12,013ft, towering above many beautiful, clear lakes such as Mirror Lake and Lake Marie.

Snowy Range Pass 3

Snowy Range Pass 8

Snowy Range Pass

There are several hiking trails but as we were on something of a schedule I restricted myself to a short walk across the Libby Flats which can be seen from an observation deck.

Snowy Range Pass 6

Snowy Range Pass 9

For anyone who has more time to spend in this gorgeous area there are plenty of opportunities for camping, horseback riding, fishing (there are something like 70 fishing spots, 60 of which are brook trout lakes) and picnicking, amongst other things.

Snowy Range Pass 11

Snowy Range Pass 13