APAW – Things With Wings

Nancy’s choice of subject for this week’s Photo A Week Challenge is Things With Wings so to kick things off, I brought back my feathered friend from the Chicago River for another appearance. I took so many shots with different poses and angles that I don’t think I’ve ever had to use the same picture twice.

Some beautiful wings at the Chicago Botanic Garden butterfly exhibit. A must-see at the Garden every summer.

Taking a stroll around our own back garden earlier this year, it was good to see plenty of bees buzzing around, and as usual there were grasshoppers galore.

For more on Nancy Merrill’s Photo A Week Challenge go to Things with Wings.

23 thoughts on “APAW – Things With Wings

    • Thank you! I was taking these pictures when our mail carrier arrived and said she wouldn’t want to get so close to all those bees. I told her it’s not the bees I worry about, it’s the wasps. Far less reliable.

      • I have this root and flower stimulator I use as a root drench and foliar spray. The bees, butterflies and wasps go nuts over it. They get so caught up, I can damn near noose boop a wasp and they don’t care. I do trust the bees more though.

    • Thanks, Marianne! I was thinking about a caption for that first picture. It just cries out for something funny. It looks like I caught him in mid-scratch but he could have been waving at me or even doing a little dance.

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