Cooler Days At Brookfield

Now that the days are somewhat cooler, I thought I would take the opportunity to visit Brookfield Zoo. The Zoo is quite large, covering some 216 acres, so I’ve found that it’s much easier to focus on one or two areas rather than trying to take in everything in one visit. My favorite animals to watch are the big cats like the snow leopards, lions and the Amur leopard.

There was quite a scrap going on between the two snow leopards when I got there. The last time I was at the zoo it was a combination of mother and daughter that was on view, but this time, the younger female having been sent to another zoo, it was a male and female. No wonder they were fighting!

The lions, brother Brutus and Titus, were doing their usual lazing around, still managing to look majestic in the process.

And the Amur leopard kept up a constant keen-eyed vigil, pacing up and down, watching for any unsuspecting chipmunk or mouse that might come into play.

Meanwhile, over by the bears, the sloth bears were not exactly living up to their name, showing quite a bit of activity, probably because of the cooler weather. One even looked like it was whistling a tune, or maybe it was just pouting for the camera like some female celebrity wannabe.

Grizzly bear Axhi was busy tearing into a coconut and had absolutely no intention of sharing. Speaking of bears, Well done, Chicago Bears! Another win! They have already exceeded many people’s expectations.

Over at the Seven Seas area, the sea lions were making a lot of noise and one appeared to have heard a hilarious joke, beginning with a stifled titter and ending in roars of laughter. Goodness knows we could all do with a good laugh from time to time.


25 thoughts on “Cooler Days At Brookfield

  1. Absolutely love all the amazing photos of all the animals, who all look in splendid health. As much as I loved your photos your comments and descriptions were hugely enjoyable too!

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